Saturday 20 Jul

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TLD Company targets foreign buyers in partnership with Prime Properties

TLD Company targets foreign buyers in partnership with Prime Properties

TLD Real Estate Development Company partners with Prime Properties, which specializes in citizenship-by-investment programs, to attract global investors to own ownership in the company’s projects

Under the terms of the agreement, Prime Properties will guide foreign investors through the process of obtaining Egyptian citizenship via real estate investment. This includes properties valued at $300,000 or more in TLD's projects.

TLD CEO, Omar El-Tibi, highlighted that the partnership focuses on attracting foreign investors to "il Bayou" projects in Sahl Hasheesh and Armonia in the New Administrative Capital. This initiative builds on TLD's existing success, with foreign ownership in their projects already reaching 35%.

He explained that the company is working to increase the percentage of foreign ownership of TLD projects in line with Egypt’s strategy to develop this sector, export real estate and advance the industry, to enhance foreign investments and attract more investors to the Egyptian market.

El-Tibi emphasized TLD's commitment to both environmental responsibility and maximizing investor returns. This focus is reflected in their high percentage of foreign ownership, particularly in the stunning “il Bayou” project located in Sahl Hasheesh on the Red Sea. Many units have been purchased by international clients, including Europeans and Egyptians with dual citizenship.